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Dining Potatoes

Potato deadlines unfortunately have an increasingly less important role in our diet, and they are so healthy and versatile. Not only its use in the kitchen is very wide-ranging and is not only composed of salt, pell and fried potatoes. Also the potato in itself surprised with its colourful colors and shapes are usually only the light shelled, yellow to white fleshy tubers but the nature is more versatile and colorful. In the Andes, the home of the potatoes, there are about 5000 different variations.

We have written the colourful diversity on our flags and try to share it with a small selection of "colourful" potatoes from our own cultivation. So we offer you different varieties.  

Es tut uns leid
Salad Blue
Es tut uns leid
Es tut uns leid
Rote Emmalie
Es tut uns leid
American Rosa
Vorwiegend festkochend, rot bis rose Schale,Schale rot, Knollenform Fingerling
Es tut uns leid
Schwartze Ungarin
Mehlig, weiß, Knollenform länglich

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